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For your convenience, we've compiled the answers to your most-asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please feel free to contact us.


How do I programme my garage door remote?

To programme your garage door remote, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Press and hold the DOOR CODE BUTTON on the back of the opener

  2. Press button 1 (or the button you are wanting to programme) on the remote for two seconds

  3. Release and press for two seconds

  4. Press the same button again on the remote for two seconds

  5. Release the DOOR CODE BUTTON

Alternatively, you can watch this video showing how to programme your garage door remote.

How do I use the manual release on my garage door opener?

To use the manual release on your opener, please watch our instructional video here.

How can I safeguard my child or pet being hit by the garage door?

The Dominator GDO range contains an auto-reverse function. This means if your garage door comes into contact with something when it is opening or closing, it automatically stops. You can also fit safety infra-red beams to your garage opener. If the safety beam is broken (either by a child, pet or vehicle) whilst the door is closing, the door will stop and reverse without making any contact with the obstruction.

How can I access my garage without a remote control?

When you install a Dominator Entry Keypad to your automatic garage door, your entire family can easily gain access using their pin number. An entry keypad is especially handy if you are popping out for a run and don't want to carry any keys with you or risk one of your children losing the spare remote.


During a power outage, how do I operate my opener?

During a blackout, you can operate your garage door opener using our Rechargeable Battery Backup. If mains power isn't available to your garage door, you can use our SmartSolar Charging Option.

Where can I download your free SmartPhone Control Kit App?

You can monitor your garage door 24/7 and be notified when anyone uses your door. Our Smart Phone Control Kit is easy to operate using our app and is freely available as an optional accessory for all new residential Dominator garage door openers. Download the iOS app here. Download the Andriod app here.


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