Dominator garage door openers and access


We have a wide range of garage openers to accompany your favourite Dominator door. Here, you can also discover which safety and security upgrades will enhance your lifestyle.

Garage Door Openers


Dominator Select DS0-1

Affordable and reliable this opener is designed for tilt or sectional domestic single or standard double garage doors. It comes with with three TrioCode™ 128 remotes controls (two hand remotes and one wireless wall remote). This opener has a 5-year 10,000 cycle warranty.


Dominator Secure DSO-2

Exceptional value for money, this opener is compatible with single and double sized sectional, flex-a-door and tilt garage doors and is perfect for our insulated, architectural, cedar or designer doors. It comes with two Triocode™ 128 hand remote controls and a wireless wall mounted remote control. This opener comes with a 7-year 20,000-cycle warranty. Our 10 YEAR DOOR & OPENER WARRANTY is also available with this opener.


Dominator Smart DSO-3

Dominator’s fastest, smartest and most secure opener offers an unrivalled level of safety and security thanks to the Safe Lock Anti-Tamper locking mechanism, plus Smart Phone Control as standard. It comes with two Triocode™ 128 hand remote controls and a wireless wall mounted remote control.

Safety and Security Upgrades


Safety Infra-Red Beams

Safety infra-red beams can easily be fitted to your opener. If the beam is ever broken, your garage door will automatically stop and reverse without making any contact with your child or pet. 


Automatic Reverse Function

Auto-reversing is a standard feature of these openers. If your garage door comes into contact with an obstruction when closing, it stops and reverses back up. And if your garage door encounters an obstruction whilst opening, it automatically stops.


Entry Keypads

An entry keypad allows you to open your garage door using a pin number. This means you don't have to carry a key or remote with you when leaving the house, It also ensures nobody is ever locked out. 


Rechargeable Battery Backup

During a power outage or blackout, your opener is still operational using a rechargeable battery backup.


SmartSolar™ Solar Charging

When there is no mains power available to your garage door, our solar charging option is the solution. 

TrioCode™ Technology

TrioCode™ creates a new code every time the garage door is operated. This means that your garage door and the transmission cannot be hacked by anyone wanting to break in. ‘Code hopping’ is used to generate trillions of rolling codes to safeguard you now and when future technology is introduced.


SmartPhone Control Kit

You can monitor and control your garage door 24/7 from anywhere in the world and be notified when anyone uses your door. Our app is freely available as an optional accessory for all new residential Dominator garage door openers. Download the iOS app here. Download the Andriod app here.

Openers & Accessories
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